Hardware Requests

All Engineering faculty members are provided with a primary Mosaic workstation. You may choose either a Windows or Linux operating system. These workstations are managed by Mosaic. Installing new software on Mosaic workstations is locked down; please click here for more information on software requests.
We offer older workstations as secondary workstations to the departments, for use as either Mosaic based or as non-Mosaic based. You will need to make your request for any secondary workstations by sending email to mlc@uncc.edu.
If you are thinking about ordering your own hardware, please contact the Mosaic Helpdesk at mlc@uncc.edu or call (704‑687‑5080) for advice on system configurations to best meet your needs.
Mosaic can also help you obtain an the best quote from Dell or HP. Click here to see Mosaic's PC recommendations.