Restoring Files From Backup

Recovering Files From Mosaic Windows

Your Mosaic account is backed up every night. This allows you to recover data that you might have accidently deleted. To do so, navigate to “U:\BACKUP”. Inside this folder you will see exactly what was in your U:\ drive from the previous day. Simply copy files and folders out of the backup folder and into a folder outside the backup folder to recover them. For example, if there was a document named “document.docx” on your Desktop that you accidently deleted, navigate to “U:\BACKUP\windows\Desktop” to find the backup from yesterday. Copy the backed up version of the document to “U:\windows\Desktop” to recover it. 


Recovering Files From a Mosaic Linux Based System

The backup folder exists in the same way on Linux as it does on Windows.

Here's an example of copying a file named Thesis out of the frame subdirectory of the BACKUP directory into your working frame directory.

~ #: cd ..       

(This puts you in your home directory.)

~ #: cp BACKUP/frame/Thesis frame/Thesis.restored    

(This copies the file Thesis from the BACKUP/frame directory into the frame directory and renames it Thesis.restored.)

The BACKUP directory function is an automated process that works every night between the hours of midnight and 6:00 AM.

At the appointed time all the existing files and directories in the BACKUP directory are deleted, and all the current files and directories of your working directory are duplicated and put in the BACKUP directory.

This BACKUP directory is only readable by you. This means that you cannot alter (insert, delete, or move) files in the directory. Only the system can insert files into the directory - and it does so EVERY night!