ITS Drive Manager

With ITS Drive Manager, you now have a handy graphical based interface to manage your ITS provided S: and H: network drives  thru Mosaic Windows 7.  The remote ITS  network drive H: is your personal storage on the ITS file system;  the remote network drive S: is a shared  drive on the ITS file system.  These ITS network drives are mapped to  your Mosaic Windows 7 as drive letters S: and V: (for your ITS H drive). When the application is launched, it will automatically detect if your drive is already mapped.  If not, simply choose either or both drive options and, if you’d like this to stay permanent, click on the box under “Persistent” The following guide will walk you through using the ITS Drive Manager application. If there are any problems with the application, please contact the Mosaic Help Desk by emailing