Mosaic Health Monitor

The Mosaic Health Monitor will show up as an icon in the system tray (M).  This utility monitors pertinent information about your Mosaic computing environment and alerts you with information that could affect your profile or computing experience.  You can always right click on this utility and invoke any of the options.  Below is a brief description of each of the available options in the Mosaic Health Monitor:


  • Open a Ticket! – Gives you the opportunity to open a ticket with the Mosaic Helpdesk
  • Print Quota – Displays your Print Quota and warns you when you print quota is below 50 pages
  • Plotter Status - Lets you know how many jobs are on any of the Mosaic plotters
  • Disk Quota – Displays your disk quota and warns you when your disk quota is over 90% of its allocation
  • File System Access – Displays when your access will expire, warns you periodically if the expiration is close and lets you extend your file system access
  • Mosaic Message of the Day (MOTD) – Shows you when there is a new message of the day and allows you to see it at any time
  • About - Opens a Webpage Helpfile for the Mosaic Health Monitor
  • Disable - Disables the Mosaic Health Monitor