Desktop Environments

This page lists all the desktop environments supported on Mosaic Linux. Different desktop enviornments provide you with a variety of desktop experiences. You may want to put some thought into which desktop environment you choose because each comes with a different menu interface from which you launch applications. Start by choosing which environment you would like to use, then click on applications. From here you will see all of the engineering specific programs that are offered in Linux. Just select which application program you need from the ones listed in the menu.

Listed below are the names of each environment along with a screenshot of the menu.


MATE Desktop Interface

MATE offers a drop down menu style. Applications can easily be accessed from their respective categories. Shortcuts can also be added to the top bar for quick access.


KDE Desktop Interface

KDE is styled a bit more like your typical Windows start menu. Applications and other functions are neatly categorized into five different options at the bottom of the menu.

GNOME Classic

GNOME Classic Desktop Interface

GNOME Classic is another drop down styled menu. The categories listed in the menu are very similar to that of MATE.


GNOME Desktop Interface

GNOME features an entirely unique menu of the four desktop environments we provide. After clicking on "Activities" in the top left of the screen, you are greeted with a fullscreen menu listing five or more pages of applications we offer on Linux. This menu is similarly styled to Apple's Launchpad.‚Äč