Purchasing a Laptop

In the College of Engineering at UNC Charlotte we have Mosaic labs that should cover most of your computing needs. Mosaic Computing Support offers 24/7 labs across campus that contain all the software you might need during your studies. While this is useful, it is not always convenient. This is why all College of Engineering students are required to purchase a laptop for convenient access to programs and access to Mosaic Anywhere. Having a laptop allows you to access some engineering software to use at your convenience.

Woman TypingRecommended specs include an i7 processor (or AMD equivalent), 16 GB of RAM, at least a 512 GB solid state drive (SSD), and potentially a dedicated graphics card. In the typical first year in engineering at UNC Charlotte you will mostly work with Microsoft Office and as your curicculum progresses more software will be implimented. A 2 GB dedicated graphics card will help your computer power through CAD work, which is common in civil and mechanical engineering. Common software used in the electrical curriculum include Matlab and Pspice, which do not require as much performance as AutoCAD or Solidworks. When purchasing a laptop it is important to remember that it should be meant to last the amount of time you are in school. Opting for a higher performing machine helps keep it relevant for longer. 

Engineering Recommended Laptop Specifications
Processor Intel i7 Processor (or AMD equivalent)
Performance Memory (RAM) 16 GB
Physical Storage Capacity (Hard Drive) 512 SSD
Dedicated Graphics Memory 2 GB
Warranty Period 4 year accidental protection


The NinerTech Computer Store on campus has laptops from which to choose that are suitable for students of the College of Engineering. These computers were picked by them to meet or surpass Engineering laptop recommendations. These systems can be found here on the NinerTech Computer Store website. The NinerTech Computer Store also offers several warranty options which you can find more information on here